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Dead Rising 2 E3 trailer shows the dead, rising May 31, 2009

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In the first of what is sure to be a long series of our coverage of E3 2009 trailers, Dead Rising 2 is shambling back for more with this latest teaser.

Although distinctly lacking moose heads, this new trailer boasts some good, wholesome zombie goodness.

See the whole thing after the break.



The PSP Go is here May 30, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Hardware, News, Sony.
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Looks like the single thumbstick will be making a return *Sigh*

Looks like the single thumbstick will be making a return *Sigh*

DSi, eat your heart out.

According to IGN, Sony’s newest incarnation of their handheld, now dubbed the PSP Go, will be shown at this year’s E3. The differences between the Go and the PSP 300 are as follows:
– The top portion slides up, like a cell phone, to reveal the D-pad, face buttons, select and start buttons
– It is approximately 44% lighter than the PSP 3000
– No UMD drive
– Memory Stick Micro slot
– Bluetooth Compatible
– 16 GB of flash memory
SCEA Director of Hardware John Koller had this to say to IGN; “…The PSP Go is not replacing the PSP-3000 but that both units will live in harmony on retail shelves.”

It will be released sometime this Fall.

More details will be revealed as E3 and the Sony press conference unravels.
Full story here: Here

Podcasts Rebel FM, Geekbox, Mobcast to join forces, conquer earth May 29, 2009

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No, not that kind.

No, not that kind.

Hammersuit, a videogame industry consulting firm, has brought together podcasting giants Rebel Fm, The Geekbox, and Bitmob’s Mobcast in what the company calls “an extensive partnership.”

These shows, all hosted by former 1Up and EGM employees Anthony Gallegos and Arthur Gies, Ryan Scott, and Dan Hsu (respectively), regularly rank among the top 25 videogame-related podcasts in the iTunes podcast directory.

Together, with fellow Hammersuit-affiliated podcasts from Destructoid and GoNintendo, the shows are downloaded over 100,000 times a week, according to Hammersuit.

They look to offer the three popular shows more ad opportunities, possibilities for sponsorships and “business development services.”

On their web site, Hammersuit says that these services brings together “unique, highly trafficked sites that help set the trends that move the gaming industry forward.”

In a press release, Dan Hsu, co-founder of Bitmob, said that Hammersuit’s “expertise in the industry will allow us to better focus on our podcast — they can take care of the business and money stuff, and we can worry about making Mobcast as good as it can be.”

With all three podcasts being among my personal favorites, I can only hope that this new partnership will provide fans with better final products. That, and that they only use their combined powers for good, not evil.

Recession Gaming: Marvel Ultimate Alliance May 27, 2009

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This game has Deadpool. What else matters?

This game has Deadpool. What else matters?

Do you love Marvel Comics, but find yourself suddenly short on cash after buying the 165 dollar, 199 issue collectors edition Civil War DVD?

Worry not, fair citizen. You can still get your comic-book-videogame-tie-in fix without breaking the bank with a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The game, originally published by Activision in 2006, has been marked down to a mere $10 for used Xbox 360 copies at Gamestop.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance puts you in the roles of your favorite superheroes and Elektra, and pits you against Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil, who are bent on harnessing the powers of Odin and generally wrecking up the place.

Leading a squad of four heroes, you can take on the waves of baddies singlehandedly or with three of your friends over Xbox Live.

The game’s already extensive content has even been beefed up even more with the addition of two DLC packs, both of which add four characters to the game’s impressive roster. The “hero” and “villain” packs, each originally worth 500 Microsoft Points, have been bundled together and can be picked up for a mere 560 Microsoft Points.

Its a great deal that should be taken advantage of.  The two packs add Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Hulk, Magneto, Sabertooth, Venom and Dr. Doom as fully playable characters as well as new achievments.

With a sequel planned for release this fall, Marvel Ultimate Alliance can be a nice gaming appetizer for the shiny, new main course to come. If you can handle the somewhat dated graphics and glitchy controls, this game is well worth the $10.

8-bit games in a 1080i world. May 26, 2009

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Liberty City glams up this Fall with “The Ballad of Gay Tony” May 26, 2009

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The tales of Liberty City continue this Fall in the second Microsoft exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV episodic expansion pack, “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” at the price of 1600 MS Points ($20.00).

With neon-soaked flair, this Liberty City story will contrast heavily with the gritty biker underground of “The Lost & Damned.”

Players will assume of the role Luis Lopez as he serves as both street hoodlum and full-time assistant to nightclub giant Tony “Gay Tony” Prince, who was featured in Niko Belic’s misadventures of GTA IV. Lopez will have his work cut out for him as he contends with a world of “competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.”

It will be interesting to see how Rockstar handles the apparent homosexual aspects of characters in this expansion. The stereotypical flamboyance of Bernie Crane in GTA IV, and the unnecessary crotch-shot of “The Lost & Damned” have shown that mature depiction isn’t exactly high on Rockstar North’s priority list. Still, chasing down homophobes with a RPG in GTA IV has always put a smile on my face.

It’s unfortunate to see that Niko Belic’s story will not be continued in this particular DLC. Hopefully, Luis Lopez will prove to be a much more interesting protagonist than the poor-man’s Ben Throttle of the last expansion.

Via [Destructoid]

Via [Joystiq]

Collector Editions, more than just a shiny box May 26, 2009

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Just a fraction of my personal collection

Just a fraction of my personal collection

From the days of the N64 when both Legend of Zelda games came in gold painted cartridges and holographic labels, collectors editions of video games have become commonplace in the industry.

But now with prices rising from the once-standard $60-70 to up too $100, does it make any sense to purchase these large bundles of gaming merch?

Being owner of 13 different games that have received this treatment, I am here to say yes, yes they are. (If the money allows it, of course.)

Hit the jump to find out why.


inFamous looks to be a shockingly good time May 22, 2009

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When I first heard that Sucker Punch studios was creating a non Sly-Cooper game, I was admittedly a little disappointed and a little wary of this new project, but all those worries have been dissolved after playing the inFamous demo. Around 40 minutes long, this exciting delve into the game proved to me that I need to purchase this sandbox adventure game, and put my PS3 to use.

The demo begins with the back-story of the game set in the fictional Empire City. Here, a bomb which Cole your character unknowingly delivers, as he is a courier, decimates part of the city, but leaves Cole unharmed. In fact, he now has gained electric powers resulting from the explosion.

The resulting blast however also had many negative impacts on the city itself. Law enforcement crumbled under the might of local gangs, and the city itself was quarantined from the outside world.

For my play time with the demo, I found just wandering around the city to be extremely enjoyable, and could easily see myself getting lost in just exploring it. Cole seamlessly climbs up ledges on buildings, or grinds on power lines, sucks up electricity from nearby electrical equipment, and of course lobs concentrated bolts of electricity at enemies.

Combat is fun and frantic, where you can mix melee attacks with your electrical powers to create quite the light show. From the demo, all the enemies I encountered were called Reapers, which I’m sure is some sort of local gang that gained powers from the bomb that went off.

During my time I was able to complete 4 missions around the city. These included making sure a train full of hostages reached freedom, destroying a water tower vat filled with tar, protecting a medical supply crate, and destroying a Reaper semi-truck.

The game also features a karma system, which is dictated by the choices that Cole makes. The more heroic acts he commits, his lightening bolts are blue, and gains powers associated with being a hero. If Cole commits evil deeds, his bolts are dark red, and gains some devastating electrical attacks, harming all around him.

If you own a PS3, your money would be well spent investing in purchasing this game. There is so much for you to do within Empire City, plus who doesn’t want to be badass wielding electricity at will.

Because you havent had enough: more Fallout 3 content on the way May 22, 2009

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Pip-boy approves

Pip-boy approves

Those who have played Fallout 3, the first-person-RPG, may or may not have stumbled upon a downed UFO where one can pick up the Alien Blaster. Well, at the same time, one could also pick up a radio frequency filled with incoherent alien-speak.

This July, the aliens are responding to that distress call, and they’re pissed.

Bethesda is planning on releasing two more expansion packs for their already massive game this June and July. The first being titled “Point Lookout” which takes place in a now swamp-like Point Lookout State Park located in Maryland. (More clever post-apocalyptic naming puns!)

The second titled “Mothership Zeta” is the one already mentioned in which the player will be abducted by aliens. Both of these quests will not require the Broken Steel expansion, so they can be activated whether or not you’ve completed the Project Purity quest. The same goes with the level cap, if you do have Broken Steel; it will be 30, if not the cap remains at 20. But sadly, neither will raise the level cap above 30, according to IGN.

They will both offer new armor, items and perks all of which are being kept under wraps. (Dogmeat armor? Please?)

They will both cost 800 Microsoft Points. This is interesting because if you’ve bought the last three expansion packs, and plan on buying these two, one would have spent a full $50 purely on expansion packs.

More details will be provided as they are revealed. For now, you can check out the entire story, plus an interview with Todd Howard, the game’s director.

Poison Ivy revealed, lacks pants. May 22, 2009

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Poison Ivy

The maiden of foliage is the newest villainess to be revealed in a recently-released video from the upcoming Arkham Asylum. (Which will be released September 2)

For those who don’t know, Pamela Lillian AKA Poison Ivy has the powers to speak to, manipulate, and create plants. The player will be confronting her in what looks like a Greenhouse-esque area of the Asylum. Poison Ivy allows herself to be consumed by one of her monster flowers in what looks like a very fun but intimidating boss battle.

Also she is not wearing any pants. Check her out in the video here!