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Venezuela plans on banning violent video games, surprise August 29, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Copy+Paste Original, News.
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Chavez 1

Looks like your friends in the Venezuelan parliament are at it again! And this time Chavez is out for blood, digital blood that is, as his administration strives to enact a full ban on violent video games, and violent toys as well.

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C+P Review: Arkham Asylum drives players mad August 25, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Copy+Paste Review.
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They say when you intentionally enter the jaws of madness; you will be consumed by it forever.

And nothing says “madness” better than an Asylum filled with the most deranged psychopaths that only writers at DC comics could come up with. I’m talking of course about Arkham Asylum.

Rocksteady delivered what is supposed to be, not only the best Batman game ever, but completely redefine the comic book-game genre.

But does Arkham Asylum hold its own as a serious game in this serious market?

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Another thing for gamers to get pissed about August 20, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Copy+Paste Original, Editorial.
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This week, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) launched an ad campaign, called “Think Before You Speak,” aimed at reducing teenagers use of derogatory terms like “that’s so gay” in their everyday speech.

A noble endeavor, to be sure. I’ve never been one for casual gay bashing, and God only knows that teens could do with a little less subconscious homophobia.

Just leave it to gamers to mess up a good thing.

Thinkb4youspeak’s ad campaign aims to point out the consequences of using phrases like “that’s so gay” by turning the tables on those who use them. Their first series of ads focus on a stereotypical jock, cheerleader, and gamer. Special emphasis on that last group.

By so much as mentioning gaming in a negative light, Thinkb4youspeak has inadvertently opened up a can of worms, the likes of which they never could have imagined.

Unleash the hate after the break.


Salamander guts abound in next week’s Lost Planet 2 Demo August 14, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Action, Xbox 360, Xbox Live.
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LostPlanet2_psd_jpgcopyToday, Capcom announced that Xbox LIVE subscribers will be able to sample the sweet, sweet taste of giant salamander meat in the Lost Planet 2 co-op demo, set to release next Wednesday.

Xbox LIVE Gold members will be able to download the demo on the 19th, while Silver subscribers will have to wait another whole week to hop in on the multiplayer goodness.

The demo is the same one showcased at this year’s E3 and Comic-con, and features a whole slew of weapons and mech suits for up to 4 players to stomp around in. It focuses on an epic battle with an enormous salamander, in which players can slice of limbs or even be swallowed whole, Pinocchio-style.

The final release date for Lost Planet 2 is yet to be announced.

If Pokemon existed, we wouldn’t August 13, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Copy+Paste Original, Nintendo.
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Imagine a swarm of these things coming at you

Imagine a swarm of these things coming at you

Pocket Monsters, the craze that took the United States by storm has firmly established itself as a staple of video game related culture.

More amorously known as Pokémon, one could take the role of a trainer and spent countless of hours raising your party, growing attached to them as they mercilessly and violently destroyed each other for your entertainment and of course, bragging rights.

Every one of us, at least once, had given thought to about how great would it be if this mystical universe were in fact, real?

I have been giving it some thought, and come to the conclusion that it would be nothing less than absolutely horrifying.

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Scarecrow confirmed in Arkham Asylum August 10, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Uncategorized.
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Fear, as the U.S Government eeerrr I mean Scarecrow would say, is a powerful tool.

Fear, as the U.S Government eeerrr I mean Scarecrow would say, is a powerful tool.

The Joker. Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy. Just a few names the Caped Crusader (you) must face in the upcoming game Arkham Asylum.

That’s right, the master of fear himself, the Scarecrow is confirmed to be in the game.

But is he an actual boss? Or does he merely make a cameo in one of the games many challenge maps?

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C+P Review: Mothership Zeta abucts Fallout 3 players August 5, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Bethesda, Copy+Paste Review.
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Fallout 3 has taken you too many places; a video game within a video game, a slave-powered Pittsburg, a giant mobile tank base, and Maryland. Now it takes you where no Vault Dweller has ever gone before, space!

With the newest and last of the Fallout 3 DLC, you board the Mothership Zeta to face, what else? Aliens. (And not the Scott Ridley kind.)

But is it worth the 800 Microsoft Points? Hit the jump to find out.


Braid creator announces new game, “The Witness” August 4, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Indie Games, News.
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John Blow's next game?

Johnathan Blow, creator of last year’s indie favorite, Braid, has announced a his next game on his blog.

Simply titled “The Witness,” Blow provided a link to the new game’s official web site, which greets visitors with this quote from  Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu:

Something amorphous and consummate existed before Heaven and Earth. Solitude! Vast! Standing alone, unaltering. Going everywhere, yet unthreatened. It can be considered the Mother of the World. I don’t know its name, so I designate it, ‘Tao’. Compelled to consider it, name it ‘the Great’.

And that’s just the splash page. With a quote like that,  it doesn’t look like The Witness will be any less deep or artsy than its predecessor.

The Witness, according to the site, is “an exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island,” and is set to be finished in late 2011.

Looks like fans of Braid (myself included) will have something to drool over for the next couple years. We’ll keep you posted as more details of the game are revealed.

Aliens confirmed in Mothership Zeta trailer August 1, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Bethesda, DLC, Xbox 360.
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Have you finished Point Lookout yet? Well, you’d better get on it, because Fallout 3‘s latest downloadable adventure, Mothership Zeta is almost here.

The DLC is supposedly the last in the series of 5, and we’re sad to see it go. But don’t worry, there’s still a lot more alien-blasting and anal probing to go around.

If the new trailer is anything to go on, Mothership Zeta promises a bunch of  new weapons – including a freeze ray, which, in my opinion, is of the highest quality of rays.

See the full trailer after the break.