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College Gaming Essentials: The Tools You Need to Be the Chillest Dude on Your Floor, Brah September 30, 2009

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College! No parents!

College! No parents!

College is all about being social. Your number of phone contacts skyrockets, as does your Facebook friend count; routine activities such as eating, studying, and sleeping (high five!) are no longer done solo. Freshmen are terrified of being alone, even for five minutes—you start wondering, “What’s everyone else doing? I bet they’re doing something really fun. Why hasn’t anybody texted me? Does anyone like me?” And then the bitter tears start flowing…



Stop reading this and go buy Braid. September 12, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Indie Games, PC, Valve.
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"Whee! So much savings!"

Do you have five bucks? Do you like soothing cello music, time travel and “art?” Well then Steam has the weekend deal just for you!

The boys over at Valve are offering Braid, last summer’s indie gamer darling, at 66% off its normal price, so instead of schilling out $15, all you have to pay is $5.

This deal is perfect for anyone who hasn’t got the chance to play it yet, or for those people who just couldn’t scrape together enough to pay for the exorbitant $15 price tag.

I’ve already talked my roommate into buying it, which means you should too! Seriously, why are you still even reading this? Get out.

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer footage released, drooling ensues September 1, 2009

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Earlier today, Robert Bowling, also known as fourzerotwo on the Twitters, posted a link to some new Modern Warfare 2 footage on Youtube.

The clip, which showcases a new capture-the-flag gametype as well as a slew of new weapons, looks wild, chaotic, and pretty as hell. Well, as pretty as war can be, at least. There are also throwing knives. As in knives that you can throw. You know the knife from the original Modern Warfare? Well this knife is like that one, except it can be used as a deadly projectile. Did we mention throwing knives?

Anyway, check out the full video after the break.