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Brule’s Rules for Budget Gaming November 30, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in College Gaming, Copy+Paste Contributions, Copy+Paste Original.
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[Editor’s Note: We received this guest column in the mail the other day, in a crumpled envelope addressed only to “Videogames” and with no discernable return address. I don’t know how Dr. Brule found out where I live, but I thought it was only right to transcribe the letter for Internet reading. Enjoy!]

We all love video games. My favorite game has swords, uh, and knights — and you trade in your magic crystals to get a shield. The only problem with all of these games is that they’re so darn expensive! Well, thankfully ol’ Dr. Steve Brule is here to give you a few tips on how to save money on games.

[Check out Dr. Steve Brule’s tips after the break.]

  • Trade your games!

You don’t gotta pay for games if you don’t buy them, dummy!!! Find a friend to trade your games with! Or, if you’re like me, and you don’t have too many friends, there are Internet web sites where you can make electronic friends to trade with! [Editor’s note: college students with .edu email accounts get free trading on Goozex.]

  • Keep the change!

You know when you find change in between the cushions on the bus? Don’t throw it away, dufus! Clean out a jelly jar and put the change in there! Then, when it’s full, take the change to the games stores and get yourself some games!

  • Use the Internet!

The Internet is the place that you gotta go to get the real deals. There’s a place on there where you can get, uh, your favorite video games for less money than normally. It’s called — it’s called — uh — SsssssSsst — uh… [Editor’s note: Steam. Check out their sweet holiday deals.]You can even rent games from the tubes! Why pay full price when you can get your video games for cheap, idiot!?

  • Buy Used!

You don’t need the latest graphics to have fun! Just because a game is old doesn’t mean it’s bad, dummy! Instead of buying that Whee or the Game Box Three or Plays Stations Three-Sixty, you can buy an older game and still have just as much fun!

For your health!



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