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Welcome to the Brink December 3, 2009

Posted by David Sydiongco in Bethesda, FPS, News, Trailers.
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Brink is certainly shaping up to be one to watch come next fall. While much of the E3 press for the game has been positive, you can only really get a feel what people have been raving about when you see the game in motion.

Developer Splash Damage, who have previously worked on only multiplayer expansion packs for existing franchises, such as Doom 3 and Quake Wars, have releases three videos from their E3 demo from earlier this year.

The first shows off the game’s SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) system. The game appears to be building off of where Mirror’s Edge left off, implementing a efficient and streamlined movement system, but giving you just enough control so as to dissuade any feelings of autopilot.

The second and third videos show this system incorporated into Brink’s gunplay. The game has a very Borderlands vibe, with its experience dropping enemies. Also displayed is the game’s class system, which allows you to change your character’s load-out mid-game, to best fit the current combat situation. Classes featured include the stealth special operative and the engineer.

Brink’s campaign will feature up to 7 player drop-in/drop-out cooperative play, extensive character customization, and various tattoos to hide your numerous body insecurities. Get ready to enter the fray come fall 2010.

Videos after the jump.



How Morrowind helped me survive my first semester of college November 10, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Bethesda, College Gaming, Copy+Paste Original.
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MGE Screenshot 3 closeup

"We're watching you, brah."

I step out of the car and into the warm, humid air. Right away I’m confronted with a barrage of new and interesting sights, sounds, and smells. In the distance I can see a building. I walk towards it, open up its large, heavy doors, and descend a flight of granite steps to the dark basement below. There I’m greeted by a man who asks me for my name, my place of origin, my room number and my birthsign…

“Oh my God,” I think to myself. “This is Morrowind.”

Obviously, it wasn’t Morrowind. Not really. It was my college orientation, and although the resident assistants didn’t really ask for my birthsign, the rest of the ordeal was eerily similar.


Exerpt from Elder Scrolls novel available online November 1, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Bethesda, Books, News.
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Fans of the Elder Scrolls series are in luck: Random House, Inc. has made the first few pages of the upcoming Elder Scrolls novel, The Infernal City available online. Written by Greg Keyes, author of the sci-fi series Age of Unreason as well as several Star Wars and Babylon 5 novels, this new book will give those hungry for Elder Scrolls V (myself included) something to gnaw on for a while.

As a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, and a self-claimed Morrowind purist, the announcement of this book made me simultaneously excited and apprehensive. With the games themselves being very literary (the in-game texts have pages numbering in the thousands), an actual book seemed like a logical step, but this also brings up issues of lore accuracy and general fantasy novel cheese.

From what’s in the preview, The Infernal City seems to assume a certain level of knowledge about The Elder Scrolls universe, which is a good sign after the hand-holdy feeling of Oblivion.

This tiny taste of The Infernal City has done a little to ease my pre-publishing dread, but it’s something. The book comes out November 24.

C+P Review: Mothership Zeta abucts Fallout 3 players August 5, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Bethesda, Copy+Paste Review.
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Fallout 3 has taken you too many places; a video game within a video game, a slave-powered Pittsburg, a giant mobile tank base, and Maryland. Now it takes you where no Vault Dweller has ever gone before, space!

With the newest and last of the Fallout 3 DLC, you board the Mothership Zeta to face, what else? Aliens. (And not the Scott Ridley kind.)

But is it worth the 800 Microsoft Points? Hit the jump to find out.


Aliens confirmed in Mothership Zeta trailer August 1, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Bethesda, DLC, Xbox 360.
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Have you finished Point Lookout yet? Well, you’d better get on it, because Fallout 3‘s latest downloadable adventure, Mothership Zeta is almost here.

The DLC is supposedly the last in the series of 5, and we’re sad to see it go. But don’t worry, there’s still a lot more alien-blasting and anal probing to go around.

If the new trailer is anything to go on, Mothership Zeta promises a bunch of  new weapons – including a freeze ray, which, in my opinion, is of the highest quality of rays.

See the full trailer after the break.