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C+P Review: Borderlands December 2, 2009

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Borderlands. What can I say about Borderlands?

Imagine Diablo: scores of baddies throwing themselves upon you, with only your inventory and stash of potions to fend them off.

Now hold that image, except place yourself in a backwater mining colony on the planet Pandora (aka a Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic wasteland), and replace the hordes of skeletons, goat-men, and (annoying) succubi with bandits and vicious alien creatures (like “skags” and “spiderants”).

Next, replace your spells and steel with bullets, electricity, and rocket-mounted “Outrunners”. Get the picture?

Check out the full review after the jump.



Stop reading this and go buy Braid. September 12, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Indie Games, PC, Valve.
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"Whee! So much savings!"

Do you have five bucks? Do you like soothing cello music, time travel and “art?” Well then Steam has the weekend deal just for you!

The boys over at Valve are offering Braid, last summer’s indie gamer darling, at 66% off its normal price, so instead of schilling out $15, all you have to pay is $5.

This deal is perfect for anyone who hasn’t got the chance to play it yet, or for those people who just couldn’t scrape together enough to pay for the exorbitant $15 price tag.

I’ve already talked my roommate into buying it, which means you should too! Seriously, why are you still even reading this? Get out.

Diary of an adventure game amateur – a prologue July 29, 2009

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How awesome were the 90s? This awesome.

How awesome were the '90s? This awesome.

As a child of the ’90s, I was exposed to a lot of great things: the hayday of Nickelodeon cartoons, Transformers: Beast Wars, and the wild rush of the Furby, Pokemon, and rollerblading fads.

But, one thing that I wasn’t exposed to was the pleasures of the classic adventure game. I’ve never played a Monkey Island or King’s Quest game, I’ve never indulged in Day of The Tentacle or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. All of these things were sadly out of my grasp.

The thrill of solving puzzles, the rush one gets when combining one random item with another, the biting wit that apparently permeates throughout the genre – all a mystery to me.

The closest thing to adventure games that I played as a child were the previously-discussed Titanic: Adventure Out of Time and the line of children’s puzzle games, like Freddi the Fish, Pajama Sam, or Spy Fox put out by Humongous Entertainment.

Other than that, I’m a stranger to the genre – an adventure game amateur.

But what is an adventure game, you’re asking. I’ll let Marek Bronstring of adventuregamers.com, an undoubtedly more credible source, give you an idea:

Adventure games are about stories, exploring worlds and solving puzzles. Play as Ray McCoy on assignment to track down replicants in Blade Runner the game. Or embark on a four-year journey through the mystical Land Of The Dead in the Mexican folk art and film noir inspired Grim Fandango. The game Bad Mojo even lets you play as a scientist trapped in the body of a cockroach. When you’re playing an adventure game, you never quite know what you’re going to get. Detectives, comedies, westerns, mysteries, horror, noir or sci-fi; there’s an adventure game for everyone.

My problem, thanks to the vast power of the Internet and the thousands of games available on clients like Steam, is an easily fixable one.

So, starting today and continuing on in the following days, weeks, or months, I’ll be playing through these classic adventure games, offering my perspective as a total outsider.

I hope that through these series of articles I can help to expose a new generation to this neglected genre and as I puzzle and ponder my way through these games, you’ll be able to learn as I learn.

So come along, dear reader, on an adventure through adventures! (I’m sorry about that last part. I couldn’t resist.)

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! Real betas! July 17, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Indie Games, News, PC.
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Dejobaan Games, the makers of the upcoming BASE jumping game with the frame-breaking title, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (or Aaaaa! for short), are releasing Fileplanet exclusive betas this weekend and next.

The beta events, which are open only to Fileplanet subscribers and registered users, are running every weekend and allowing players to download four levels along with a tutorial to get new players accustomed to the game.

Aaaaa! throws players off miles-high structures and sends them careening through a complex maze of buildings and girders, all while picking up powerups and whizzing stupidly close to the skyscrapers around you for bonus points.

For those who don’t want to register for Fileplanet and don’t mind playing levels that aren’t “exclusive,” you can download the demo for free on Dejobaan’s website.

And, if you really like what you see, Dejobaan is offering a 30-level private pre-release for those who pre-order the game now for $15.

[UPDATE: The Fileplanet betas for this weekend have run out, but you can still pre-order the beta for next weekend.]

Gaming with a Goal: Alice and Kev June 20, 2009

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In my youth, I played the hell out of The Sims. I spent countless hours micromanaging my little mush-mouthed virtual creations – controlling what they ate, when they slept, and whether they would make whoopee in the hot tub or the heart-shaped bed.

But, inevitably I got bored and let loose my sadistic side. This usually meant setting off fireworks in the house or deleting the ladder from my Sims’ pool and sending them to a watery grave.

However, Robert Burkinshaw, an aspiring game designer from the UK, has nicer – and more productive – goals for the game, which is now in its third installment.

He has created two unique personalities: Kev – a mean-spirited, selfish, and angry father – and Alice – his kind but unlucky daughter, and set them loose in abandoned park.

Without money, food, and a roof over their heads, Alice and Kev have to make due with what they’re given, which isn’t much.

This human (or Sim) drama of a homeless family is at times funny, at times tragic, and always heartwarming.

Told in a series of screenshots with captions to fill in the gaps, the story of Alice and Kev is entertainment with a purpose (and made even more entertaining when I imagine it being narrated by This American Life’s Ira Glass.)

At the end of this tale – which I read all the way through in one sitting- Burkinshaw provides links to charities who work to help Alice and Kev’s real-life, homeless counterparts.

This is one story you can’t pass up.

L4D2 boycott group hopes to be “largely successful” June 19, 2009

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Imagine this, but with zombies.

Imagine this, but with zombies

Last week, we reported on the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group which sprung out of Valve’s latest announcement.

This week, I conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Pancakes (not his real name, obviously), the PR representative for the boycott group which has now grown to over 30,000 members.

See what has thousands of gamers angry after the break.


A hurricane of zombies to hit New Orleans in Left 4 Dead 2 June 2, 2009

Posted by David Sydiongco in Action, E3 2009, FPS, News, PC, Xbox 360.
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We apologize for the headline. (Sort of.)

Yesterday, EA and Valve announced they would be releasing a sequel to 2008’s awarding-winning zombie co-op shooter.

With the second wave of the infection set to drop on November 17th, Left 4 Dead 2 will take gamers on the misadventures of an all new group of four survivors through the American South.

Two of the new survivors will be featured on the August issue of PC Gamer. Rochelle (left) is an aspiring news anchor, while Coach (right) is a heavy set P.E. instructor.

Beside added environmental effects, a major addition to gameplay will be the addition of melee weapons. Hinted towards in the trailer are a chainsaw, fire axe, and frying pan.

A new type of special infected will be included as well; known as “The Charger.”

IGN reports that all campaigns will take place during the daytime. They will also have  much stronger narrative connections than the last game, including one that may take place in an area that has yet to be hit by the infection.

What do you guys think? Are you hungry for another zombie apocalypse?

Teaser trailer after the  jump.


Zoey startles a witch! May 20, 2009

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It seems as though one wasn’t enough. Awhile back, a live action Left 4 Dead video was created, entitled Left 4 Head. Those who don’t already know this video showed innocent female character of Left 4 Dead, Zoey, engaging in sexual acts with some of the special infected of the game.

The entire concept and video is hilarious for many different reasons, and it seems more have sprung up in the original’s place.

One that co-editor, Santiago, stumbled upon, while on the G4 forums, depicted our good friend Zoey startling a witch ( you all knew it was going to eventually happen) and the sexual acts ensue!

For obvious reasons we can’t post the link to said video, but if you look, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

After watching the video, I think we may just have the next Scarlett Johansson on our hands. What do you think?


Because Im a nice guy, Im willing to give the link to the video for non-believers or for people who are just plain lazy. Shoot me an email at the address: slivergodxxv@gmail.com  Make the subject line “Zoey startles a witch.”

3D Realms still kickin’, company says May 19, 2009

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Contrary to reports from a couple weeks back, Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms hasn’t been shut down.

“3D Realms … has not closed and is not closing,” the company said in an issued press release.

Although 3D Realms still owns the rights to the Duke Nukem francise, the development team behind Duke Nukem Forever was laid off on the 6th, and parent company Take-Two holds the rights to the game itself.

3D Realms is currently battling Take-Two in an ongoing lawsuit, which 3DR called a “bully tactic” aimed at winning  over the rights to the entire series.

Despite such setbacks, 3D Realms “will continue to operate as a company and continue to license and co-create games based upon the Duke Nukem franchise.”

Check out the entire press release via Shacknews.