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Zelda Re-Orchestrated Finishes Ocarina of Time December 26, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Nintendo, User-Generated.
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In October of 2004, a tiny project emerged with a lofty goal: to reproduce the entire soundtrack of Ocarina of Time with a more orchestral sound. A little over 5 years later, that project — Zelda Reorchestrated —  has completed their goal, and are offering us a little Christmas present: 83 beautiful, re-orchestrated tracks for free.

All the great, nostalgia-inducing tracks are there: the Lost Woods, Lon Lon Ranch, Hyrule Field, all of the Ocarina songs, and even the iconic chest-opening sound. The fond memories recalled while listening to Zelda Reorchestrated are a testament both to the staying power of the original tracks themselves, as well as the wonderful work that the ZREO community has done to reproduce them.

Sadly, at the time of this writing, the Zelda Reorchestrated site is down, probably due to the overwhelming response to the Ocarina of Time project, but there’s a handy torrent available here.


If Pokemon existed, we wouldn’t August 13, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Copy+Paste Original, Nintendo.
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Imagine a swarm of these things coming at you

Imagine a swarm of these things coming at you

Pocket Monsters, the craze that took the United States by storm has firmly established itself as a staple of video game related culture.

More amorously known as Pokémon, one could take the role of a trainer and spent countless of hours raising your party, growing attached to them as they mercilessly and violently destroyed each other for your entertainment and of course, bragging rights.

Every one of us, at least once, had given thought to about how great would it be if this mystical universe were in fact, real?

I have been giving it some thought, and come to the conclusion that it would be nothing less than absolutely horrifying.

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The Times, They are a-Changin’: The Life and Death of the Nintendo Game Boy June 2, 2009

Posted by Robert Balint in Copy+Paste Contributions, Copy+Paste Original, Editorial, Features, Nintendo.
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Editor’s note:  With Nintendo’s E3 announcements, we’ve been looking forward to the future of gaming, but sometimes it’s nice to look back to its past. This story, about the history of the most revered of handhelds, was submitted to Copy+Paste Games by contributor Robert Balint.


Countless hours of my life gone, all due to a strange desire to impersonate an Italian plumber named after Shigeru Miyamoto's onetime landlord...

I still remember begging my older brother Frankie for a crack at Super Mario Land; but try as I might he refused to hand over the meaty, gray plastic brick that is the original Game Boy.

Released in the summer of 1989, the original Game Boy was Nintendo’s first sojourn into the realm of portable gaming, following the primitive yet popular Game & Watch portables (the mascot of which is Mr. Game and Watch of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl fame).

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Nintendo at E3: more than 10 games on both Wii and DS June 2, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in E3 2009, Games, Hardware, News, Nintendo, Wii.
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Nintendo came onto the show, and unlike last year, they actually revealed many new games and add-on features to their already existent vast library of Wii accessories. DS fans especially should be very pleased.

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