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Bioshock 2 development:new Big Daddy looks slightly different than old! May 21, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Action, Games.
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Bioshock 2

After Game Informer’s big reveal, it seems like every gaming magazine is jumping on the Bioshock 2 exclusive bandwagon. This time, it’s GamePro’s turn.

Instead of showing off the game’s new enemies, GamePro is giving us a look at the new Big Daddy: you! This time around, you’ll be the one donning the glowing diving mask as a prototype Big Daddy, who promises to be a bit more limber than the original Bioshock’s hulking guardians.

New developments include:

  • A slightly different face-plate!
  • A glove adapted for use of plasmids!
  • And… a head-mounted web-cam? Hopefully this new feature will provide us with all the steamy Big Daddy-on-Big Daddy action sadly missing from Bioshock’s previous installment.

Get the entire scoop in July’s issue of GamePro, which is slated to hit news stands by early June.