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EVE Hypos going on sale soon November 9, 2009

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Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 7.58.48 PM


Well, it looks like science has won. Adam is real, and we are all going to kill each other over it.

Starting next January or so, you too can weild the power of plasmids! Thanks to this Eve Hypo!

These will cost you about $23 and will be available from play.com next year. You know you want one.

RAPTURE REMINDER: Liquid cannot be injected, the syringe is not meant to be injected, and the liquid receives its signature blue taint via LED lights.


Death: Not just a boss in Castlevania June 4, 2009

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Death, in all his terrfying Jamaican-accented glory

Death, in all his terrfying Jamaican-accented glory

Death is a pretty complicated idea that brings about only more complicated questions. Is there a soul that is released when we die? Do we go to “heaven” or “hell”  depending on our choices on Earth? Why the hell was the last save point an hour away?!

Find out why death isn’t so bad after the break.


Bioshock 2 development:new Big Daddy looks slightly different than old! May 21, 2009

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Bioshock 2

After Game Informer’s big reveal, it seems like every gaming magazine is jumping on the Bioshock 2 exclusive bandwagon. This time, it’s GamePro’s turn.

Instead of showing off the game’s new enemies, GamePro is giving us a look at the new Big Daddy: you! This time around, you’ll be the one donning the glowing diving mask as a prototype Big Daddy, who promises to be a bit more limber than the original Bioshock’s hulking guardians.

New developments include:

  • A slightly different face-plate!
  • A glove adapted for use of plasmids!
  • And… a head-mounted web-cam? Hopefully this new feature will provide us with all the steamy Big Daddy-on-Big Daddy action sadly missing from Bioshock’s previous installment.

Get the entire scoop in July’s issue of GamePro, which is slated to hit news stands by early June.