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C+P Review: Brutal Legend November 3, 2009

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Since Tim Schafer’s masterpiece, Psychonauts, Double Fine began working on a new project.  As I obsessively read the previews, I was excited about all the aspects of the game. Jack Black voicing the main character? Awesome. A world designed after an entire genre of music? Sweet. An RTS aspect? Ummmm…

So does Brutal Legend deserve a spot in the Schafer hall of fame? Or does it brutally disappoint? Hit the jump to find out.



22 Brutal minutes of head-banging awesome. Also, porcupines. July 21, 2009

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Whether you’ll admit it or not, you lust for Brutal Legend. Your very being, regardless of music preference absolutely needs to play Tim Schafer’s metal masterpiece. No matter who you are, seeing Eddie Riggs slice through demons with his battle axe gives you the same euphoriatic hard-on that Guns and Roses fans get when they’re around beaten wives and trailer park meth labs.

It’s VH1 Classic heaven.

Double Fine has released a 22-minute walkthrough video of Brutal Legend, featuring commentary from Schafer and two other designers. Heavily featured is the driving experience of “The Deuce,” Eddie’s hot rod that is constructed from the body of the “Fire Beast.” From the looks of things, a large amount of the game will be driving in this thing. Fortunately, you’ll able to customize “The Deuce” with increasingly deadly and METAL equipment. Also featured is the game’s squad combat. While not overly complex, the system looks intuitive enough to keep things interesting.

Video after the jump.


E3 09: trailers, trailers, trailers June 3, 2009

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Not these.

Not these.

Just because you can’t go to E3 doesn’t mean you can’t check out all the exciting content spewing out of the L.A. Convention Center. Today, we’ve brought you several new trailers – from brutal to adorable –  to scratch that E3 itch.