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Copy+Paste Games: we’re a blog, on the Internet May 18, 2009

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Modern videogames “journalism” is that only in name: journalistic integrity, fact-checking, and objectivity have been thrown out the window and replaced with rumors, sarcasm, and dick jokes.

In an endless effort to be relevant, gaming sites are letting facts fall by the wayside and strive for speed instead of accuracy.

As the recent Bioshock 2 rumor debacle has shown, breaking news stories are more often than not based off another site’s coverage of another site’s coverage of a Twitter comment on a rumor revealed in an anonymous forum post.

These sites seemingly copy and paste news stories from other blogs, add a little of their own “flair” and call it a day.

Here are the basic rules of the game:

  • We here at Copy+Paste Games aren’t journalists – we’re only bloggers, ourselves fans of the games we cover. But that fact doesn’t keep us from attempting to maintain even a basic level of integrity.
  • We will try to provide accurate coverage and poignant commentary, all in a shiny and hopefully entertaining package.
  • We can’t hope to keep up with the bigger blogs in terms of quantity, but we will try to provide original work that can be found only here, instead of the usual news stories covered everywhere else.
  • When we do cover news that we didn’t break ourselves, we will make sure to point you to the people who did. All sources will be cited: we don’t want to take credit where it isn’t due.
  • And, most of all, we’re here to provide our readers with a reliable source of up-to-date news and information on the games we all love.

So, brace yourself, Internet: we’re here to stay (unless very politely asked to leave.)