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Because you havent had enough: more Fallout 3 content on the way May 22, 2009

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Pip-boy approves

Pip-boy approves

Those who have played Fallout 3, the first-person-RPG, may or may not have stumbled upon a downed UFO where one can pick up the Alien Blaster. Well, at the same time, one could also pick up a radio frequency filled with incoherent alien-speak.

This July, the aliens are responding to that distress call, and they’re pissed.

Bethesda is planning on releasing two more expansion packs for their already massive game this June and July. The first being titled “Point Lookout” which takes place in a now swamp-like Point Lookout State Park located in Maryland. (More clever post-apocalyptic naming puns!)

The second titled “Mothership Zeta” is the one already mentioned in which the player will be abducted by aliens. Both of these quests will not require the Broken Steel expansion, so they can be activated whether or not you’ve completed the Project Purity quest. The same goes with the level cap, if you do have Broken Steel; it will be 30, if not the cap remains at 20. But sadly, neither will raise the level cap above 30, according to IGN.

They will both offer new armor, items and perks all of which are being kept under wraps. (Dogmeat armor? Please?)

They will both cost 800 Microsoft Points. This is interesting because if you’ve bought the last three expansion packs, and plan on buying these two, one would have spent a full $50 purely on expansion packs.

More details will be provided as they are revealed. For now, you can check out the entire story, plus an interview with Todd Howard, the game’s director.