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DJ vs. Guitar Hero: there can be only one. December 25, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Copy+Paste Original, Editorial.
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When Guitar Hero first hit the gaming scene, it found its niche market on the PS2 and was praised as one of the most fun and innovative games of the last generation.

The franchise didn’t really take off until Guitar Hero 2, which extended its reach to the newest generation of consoles.

Now, the franchise, alongside Rock Band, has not only become a staple of gaming, but a staple of American pop culture in general. Whether or not this is good or bad for the gaming industry is still a debate to be had.

But recently, Activision decided to take the “Hero” label and slap it onto some fake turntables. I’ve been addicted to it for the last two weeks or so, and can safely say that this is the better of the two heroes.

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How to Keep Your Girlfriend and Still Game July 1, 2009

Posted by Robert Balint in Copy+Paste Contributions, Copy+Paste Original, Editorial, Features.
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Maybe not the best idea...

Maybe not the best idea...

So you’ve found that special someone. Good! That’s great! When’s your date? Tonight? Isn’t tonight your Starcraft LAN party? Uh oh. Conflict. So what do you do? Bring her along? Yeah, right. That’s like bringing a Wookiee to a Klingon convention. The two just don’t mix (watch ’til the end. It’s worth it).

Well then, what’s the solution? How do you get your gaming fix while keeping the ol’ ball and chain content? Fortunately, expanding markets and cutthroat competition provide a solution.

Find out how after the break.