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Confirmed: “Modern Warfare 2 Sucks” November 15, 2009

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Well, it’s official. It wasn’t the “Grenade Spam” controversy, or the lack of dedicated servers for the PC that did Modern Warfare 2 in. It was an angry British teen.

In a YouTube video entitled “MODERN WARFARE 2 SUCKS!!!!!,” user GuitarJono1170 gracefully articulates his arguments against the game, mostly through indecipherable mumblings and acts of violence against inanimate objects.

A forewarning: this video may be disturbing to people particularly affected by depictions of drywall abuse.


New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer has Eminem and Space November 4, 2009

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Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward Creative Strategist and MW2 Twitter overlord recently posted the high quality version of the Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer made available earlier today through Internet thievery.

This new trailer promises a lot of things, including white rapper sensation Eminem, boats, pull-quotes and some exploding space stations: everything that the trailer-watching masses eat up. Enjoy!

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer footage released, drooling ensues September 1, 2009

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Earlier today, Robert Bowling, also known as fourzerotwo on the Twitters, posted a link to some new Modern Warfare 2 footage on Youtube.

The clip, which showcases a new capture-the-flag gametype as well as a slew of new weapons, looks wild, chaotic, and pretty as hell. Well, as pretty as war can be, at least. There are also throwing knives. As in knives that you can throw. You know the knife from the original Modern Warfare? Well this knife is like that one, except it can be used as a deadly projectile. Did we mention throwing knives?

Anyway, check out the full video after the break.