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Gaming with a Goal: Alice and Kev June 20, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in EA, Features, PC.
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In my youth, I played the hell out of The Sims. I spent countless hours micromanaging my little mush-mouthed virtual creations – controlling what they ate, when they slept, and whether they would make whoopee in the hot tub or the heart-shaped bed.

But, inevitably I got bored and let loose my sadistic side. This usually meant setting off fireworks in the house or deleting the ladder from my Sims’ pool and sending them to a watery grave.

However, Robert Burkinshaw, an aspiring game designer from the UK, has nicer – and more productive – goals for the game, which is now in its third installment.

He has created two unique personalities: Kev – a mean-spirited, selfish, and angry father – and Alice – his kind but unlucky daughter, and set them loose in abandoned park.

Without money, food, and a roof over their heads, Alice and Kev have to make due with what they’re given, which isn’t much.

This human (or Sim) drama of a homeless family is at times funny, at times tragic, and always heartwarming.

Told in a series of screenshots with captions to fill in the gaps, the story of Alice and Kev is entertainment with a purpose (and made even more entertaining when I imagine it being narrated by This American Life’s Ira Glass.)

At the end of this tale – which I read all the way through in one sitting- Burkinshaw provides links to charities who work to help Alice and Kev’s real-life, homeless counterparts.

This is one story you can’t pass up.