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Torchlight gets some sweet new updates, price cut December 18, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Runic Games, Steam.
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Today, Steam announced that Torchlight, one of my favorite PC games of this year, would beĀ receivingĀ a few major updates as well as a 50% price cut this weekend.

The update will add over 60 Steam achievements and cloud support, meaning that characters can be carried over from one PC to another through the magic of the INTERNET.

Torchlight is a game that I had been meaning to review for a long time, but never got around to it, so here’s my endorsement: buy this game. Buy it right now. You really don’t have any excuse not to – it’s only $10 this weekend and it’s awesome.


Steam’s Black Friday deals last all week November 25, 2009

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Steam just won’t let up.

After my post earlier today about the awesome Plants vs. Zombies deal, Steam announced their five-day-long one-day-only sale. The sale, lasting through Sunday, promises some sweet deals on popular games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Dragon Age: Origins.

While we don’t intend to serve as Valve’s advertising strumpet, these deals are just too good to pass up. (Plus, we’re not whoring ourselves if they don’t pay us for it!)

Check out the full deals after the break:


Recession Gaming: Plants vs. Zombies November 24, 2009

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And just when you thought that games couldn’t get any cheaper, Steam comes through again. From now until Thursday the 26th, you can buy Pop Cap’s undead tower defense game, Plants vs. Zombies for half price on Steam. That’s only $5! A whole $5 less than the original price! (Which, for those arithmetically challenged out there, is $10.)

Due to what can only be described as aggressive laziness, I never bought Plants vs. Zombies when it first came out, but now I have my chance!


Stop reading this and go buy Braid. September 12, 2009

Posted by Chris McKenna in Indie Games, PC, Valve.
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"Whee! So much savings!"

Do you have five bucks? Do you like soothing cello music, time travel and “art?” Well then Steam has the weekend deal just for you!

The boys over at Valve are offering Braid, last summer’s indie gamer darling, at 66% off its normal price, so instead of schilling out $15, all you have to pay is $5.

This deal is perfect for anyone who hasn’t got the chance to play it yet, or for those people who just couldn’t scrape together enough to pay for the exorbitant $15 price tag.

I’ve already talked my roommate into buying it, which means you should too! Seriously, why are you still even reading this? Get out.