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L4D and L4D2 Cast To Meet in “The Passing” DLC December 14, 2009

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Basically, this.

Today, Valve announced what will surely be the most anticipated crossover since the Jetsons met the Flintstones in the first of Left 4 Dead 2’s add-ons, “The Passing,” which is set to release in early 2010.

“The Passing” promises to have the original Left 4 Dead cast of Bill, Francis, Zoey and Louis meet up with their L4D2 counterparts. Madcap antics are sure to ensue.

Set after the “Dead Center” campaign of L4D2, the new DLC takes place in a rural Georgian town which is apparently a hot-spot for survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

In addition to the  story update, “The Passing” will also include new maps for the Survival, Scavenge and Versus modes, as well as “new co-operative challenge mode,” along with a couple new weapons and an “uncommon common.”

I wonder how adding four more survivors into the mix will change gameplay, as the current formula seems to work so well. Maybe the “new co-operative challenge mode” will add some awesome 8-player co-op action, but until we hear more, we can’t be sure.

I’m sure looking forward to having the old gang back, at least for a campaign. There’s just something warm and familiar about the way that Louis says “pills” that the new voice actors just can’t capture.


The only good carrier is a dead carrier; Impressions of the Left 4 Dead 2 demo November 4, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Valve, Xbox 360.
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In the latest trailer for Left 4 Dead 2, the game promises “More zombies, more friends, better apocalypse.”

The L4D2 demo was released for Xbox LIVE Gold members yesterday and co-editor David Sydionco and our friend Bryan McClaren and I were able to play together. Does the game re-ignite the signature sense of murderous camaraderie the first brought about? Or is there reason to post angry threads on Valve’s message board demanding the game for free?

Hit the jump to read more.


Copy+Paste Games discovers that Internet is full of zombie fetishists July 26, 2009

Posted by Santiago Azpurua-Borras in Copy+Paste Original.
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Now you can never un-see this image

Now you can never un-see this image

Ever since Copy+Paste games first opened its e-doors we found almost instant viewership thanks to one particular article written by Christian Gillespie.

Since then, “Zoey Startles a Witch” has been the only article to consistently receive hits every single day.

First off, the video no longer exists. So please do not email me further about this.

Second off, we know what you are searching for; we automatically keep track of it.  I would now like to show our readers common search engine terms that help Internet users stumble upon Copy+Paste Games.

–          “Zoey left 4 head”

–          “left 4 head”

–          “l4d the witch”

–          “zoey startles a witch”

–          “left 4 head witch”

–          “sexy witch”

We know what you’re looking for, Internet, and we are not amused. (Okay, maybe slightly. Which is why I’m tagging this post with those popular search queries. )

God dammit, Internet. God dammit.