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Diary of an adventure game amateur – Secret of Monkey Island pt. 1 July 31, 2009

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So, for my first foray into the wild world of adventure gaming, I stuck with the classics: The Secret of Monkey Island. Or, more specifically, the new special edition re-release for the Xbox 360 and PC.

With the game’s new HD support and shiny graphics, I figured it would make for a smoother transition from the modern tradition of gritty realism and bloom.

See what I thought of the game so far after the break.



Titanic, the best game I never finished July 22, 2009

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As a kid, visiting my relatives in California meant many things. It meant getting a break from the sweltering Arizona sun, it meant braving the torment of my physically abusive younger cousins (getting hit in the head with a dictionary –is not fun), and, most importantly, it meant getting to play games on my cousin’s swanky Windows 95 PC.

Duke Nukem, Red Alert 2, and the entire “Sim” line of games all received a revered place in our gaming repertoire.

But the game that I look back on with the greatest fondness was actually one that we never actually beat. We started it again an again, waiting through the opening cinematic, the words of the voice over ingrained in our tiny skulls:  Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.